Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy NEW YEAR! - Turning Disorder into Organized Chaos - Diary of the Procrastinating Psychotic Perfectionist

Well past the point of declaring customary resolutions and setting unrealistic goals, I have instead resorted to public humiliation and embarrassment, to tackle the task of organizing my office and preparing my businesses for a year of growth and success.

It's been two weeks since I dragged my husband away from his work during our first snow day of the year, to help me finish putting together my new office furniture.

I have since scrubbed, disinfected, dusted, donated, folded, vacuumed the contents of the entire ho
use and shopped to my heart's content all in the futile attempt of avoiding that which I don't want to do, while convincing myself of how otherwise productive I have been.

The shag lime green carpet that I squealed with glee over when I first found it on sale at Ikea, is still in its packaging leaning against the couch in my living room...

The retro acrylic clear office chair is incognito next to it - doing exactly what I had hoped it would do in my office - that is, take up as little room as possible and completely blend in to its surroundings thus allowing the space it occupies to remain open and wide - all while being comfortable and ergonomic...

It is so invisible in my living room while awaiting its move to the under construction office, that I have banged myself into it while walking past it a dozen times...

But my bruises have, until this point, not been enough to make me go into the room and just get it over with - file the receipts, organize the paper, order and prepare my packaging, hang, staple, move - and why not you say?

Because it has to be perfect... not just sorted or stacked, but perfect...

My endless pursuit of perfection has led to this state, because my husband couldn't wait for me to clean and move as I went, instead he said,

"Just throw everything together and get this furniture where it needs to be! Then you can go back and fix it..."

Or this morning's suggestion, "just quickly file everything in large categories and later on go back and file it in the right slots"...

Later on?

Later on?


WHEN will there be time later on to file and hang and staple and create and create and create?

Instead I'm blogging about the psychotic episode that has led me to procrastinate the creation of my perfect office...

So my dear readers, here I am in this new year confessing and professing my intention to tackle procrastination this year.

I will publish this post today and tackle that which has caused me bodily harm and sleepless nights, I will clean my office TODAY or die trying.... or hey, I ca
n alphabetize my kitchen cabinets, steam-clean my basement floor, paint the ceiling of the entire house, seal the kitchen tile...


  1. OMG
    At least you room has one purpose
    My room is Bedroom/Art Room
    Not fair
    Hubby has a whole shop he had build on the back of the garage with heat, a spray room and even a small tack room.

  2. Take a picture and write about your "PROCRASTINATION STATION" on your blog/facebook and put a link to it here in the comments - we'll work together to tackle our mess and get us creating instead of cleaning!

    siempre- dorana

  3. donna - where the filing cabinets are now, there was a twin sized bed - it used to be the guest room too but since i work from home, we moved the bed to another room cause i needed a dedicated work space :o) the plan someday is to have a guest room downstairs with a couple of sets of bunk beds for guest - not let it get in the way of the space we live in everyday.

  4. LOL! HOP TO IT!!!!!! I have 2 kids and my office/work room is all organized!!

  5. Sounds like you need a personal assistant : ) Yesterday I moved furniture and began the process of reorganizing my craft room. I am also committed to doing more of what I love this year. Creating art of any kind is where I am most happy. I know you and creating is where you are most happy as well. Actually we are both most happy when the art sells and we have that instant feeling of warmth in the knowledge that our work is loved by someone as much as we loved creating it. Do NOT stop today until the room is ready for your creative juices to flow freely in it. Your art...your passion deserves the space it needs to grow. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

  6. Ugh, I feel your pain! But I REALLY want to see that shag carpet on the floor with you sitting in your invisible chair, so HURRY UP!

  7. Bianca - LOL - i'm going, i'm going! but i have to go start dinner - LMAO! i promise yall wont see me again until the work is done - or at the very least when it's done enough to put down the shag and get the chair in its rightful spot :o)

    thank you for your love Heather :o) can't wait to see you and celebrate your birthday this weekend!

  8. I have an excuse. I'm sharing a tiny office with my husband until we get the bedroom finished. (Never mind I haven't done any work on the bedroom in over a week.) I would be mortified if you saw this mess I call my office!

  9. It's a fine line between expecting too much of yourself and demanding too little of yourself, but I'm sure you'll find it!

  10. kara - my loving husband has used my office for the last several months as a place to put everything that needs a home - i was pretty mortified to have to share, but it's definitely motivation!

    thank you sis! :o)

    i got some filing done this afternoon after taking pictures of some new designs before i lost the light - now heading back to keep working!

    thank you for all the love and support!

    siempre- dorana